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High Holy Days

Virtual Music Productions

Bringing community together,
even when apart

 Seeking for a solution to elevate 

 your virtual services on HHD? 

 JVocals offers you wide range of inspiring 

 musical solutions- Digital Audio and Video Content for your online or hybrid services.

Let us help you bring High Holiday melodies to all of your congregants, no matter what.  

See how we have already

brought together international collaborations that have reached all corners of the world!

Avinu Shebashamayim

Male Cantors from around the world



Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Female Cantors from around the world

As seen on:

Female Cantors from around the world sing Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Famed Cantors join voices to sing prayer for unity

Amazing: Cantors from all over the world in prayer for the state of Israel

Sixteen female Cantors got together, remotely, for an exciting project


Our Offer

Whether it's a vision you already have involving your volunteer choir dreaming up with you a new adaptation or arrangement, or shouldering a multi-cantor collaboration, we will help you develop beautiful and meaningful musical digital content for your High Holy Days services.  Tailoring each project to the Cantors' and Congregations' needs, we are happy to work within any budget.  

Our Team

Comprised of Cantors, arrangers, musicians, sound engineers, and video editors, JVocals will guide you step-by-step towards meeting your Congregation’s needs and vision.  We will provide both guidance and support as you journey with us towards a finished product.  Our services include:  Arranging, Piano Scratch and Vocal Guide tracks for Playback,  Orchestration, Audio mixing, Mastering, and Video editing.

Our Platform

If you wish to promote your video content after you have debuted it, our online platform is available to you at no extra charge. All JVocals productions may be featured on any of our high-traffic digital social networking channels to further spotlight your digital content at your request. 


Our Services

 Production Management 
Help you devise a strategy to make your vision come to life, or let us help you develop a new, high-impact piece of engaging digital prayer.  We will turn ideas into reality. 
Vocal Arrangements:
Solo, Duet, Trio, or Choral
Instrumental Accompaniments:
Ranging from piano only to full orchestration
 Audio Engineering 
  • Piano base tracks
  • Vocal guide tracks
  • Digital orchestration playback
  • Audio mixing with two rounds of edits
  • Mastering  
 Video Editing 
  • Framed Windows Mosiac Video
  • Framed Windows Mosiac Video
  • Solist(s) Spotlight
  • Framed Windows Mosiac Video
  • Soloist(s) Spotlight
  • Special Effects/Transitions

* Enhanced media content (such as photos or dynamic videos) can be added for an additional fee.

* Discounts are available for multiple videos.

Please CONTACT US to customize the best package for you.

In case you’re planning to run wholly virtual services, we also offer:​​

Slichot Package


5-Song Package

E.g. Avinu Malkeinu (Janowski), Kol Nidrei (Russoto), Sh’ma Koleinu (Max Helfman), Hineni (Finkelstein), Unetane Tokef, B’rosh Hashanah (Katchko/Lind), Avinu Shebashamayim (Sol Zim/ Finkelstein), Hashkiveinu (Helfman), Psalm 23 (Gerald Cohen), Eil Nora Alila (traditional melody), Kadish Shalem (Rosenblatt)

 With JVocals, High Holy Days 5781 (2020) will feel and sound different! 

We will work within the confines of ANY budget

to help keep your community connected

with digital content during High Holiday Season


How It Works

Creating a guide track


Creating a

guide track


Sending you detailed recording instructions


Recording isolated vocal parts


Creating studio playback


Uploading both Audio & Video


Filming the

audio parts


Audio Mix & Mastering


Video editing


Sending you a

final videoclip

bg image.jpg

Our Production Team

Cantor Yossi Schwartz

Head of Musical Production

Composer, arranger, conductor and a singer

A world-renowned Cantor, Senior teacher at the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva (led by Maestro Elli Jaffe) and often invited to perform as a Cantor in many synagogues around the world. Acts as the head High Holidays Cantor at the Sky Lake synagogue in Miami FL. Conducted and sang at the Jewish festivals of Krakow, Warzlav & Berlin, and at the annual gala concert of the Park East Synagogue in Manhattan. Founded the Vocal Ensemble "Bells", which performed all over the world with renown cantors: Yitzhak Meir Helfgott, Haim Adler, Jacob Lamer, Israel Rand, David Weinbach, Joseph Malovny, Avrami Kirshenbaum, Jacob Motzen, and many others.
Yossi is signed on the musical productions of the JVocals’ Avinu Shebashmayim videoclip and the Yerushalayim Shel Zahav videoclip.


Cantor Motti Hasfari

Project Manager

Jvocals Founder & CEO

20+ years of Sales & Marketing experience: Sales Director at Philip Morris & RedBull. Market Manager for Mars Chocolate in Israel. Former CEO of Gett (GetTaxi) in Israel. Graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Elli Jaffe. Graduate of the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute (TACI), led by Naftali Herstik. Performs as the High Holiday Cantor for Congregation Sinai in San Jose, CA.

- Specializes in public events' production

- Established large scale of customer service centers

Cantor Yaki Lauer

Music Co-Producer

Co-Founder @ JVocals

Graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Elli Jaffe. 7 years of experience performing at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem and on concert stages around the world. Performs as the High Holiday Cantor for Centro Israelita synagogue in the Dominican Republic.

-producing concerts

-editing scores

-communication hub between vendors

-social media marketing


Cantor Eliezer Charlap

Music Co-Producer, Marketing Manager

Co-Founder @ JVocals

Musician, graduate of the Central Cantorial Institute in Petach Tikva, led by Elli Jaffe. Performs as the High Holiday Cantor at the Savion Synagogue, Israel. Vast experience performing on stages around the world.

-producing concerts

-editing scores

-communication hub between vendors

-social media marketing


Eitan Sobol


Musician, arranger & conductor

Renowned musician. Former conductor of the Israeli Police Band, various orchestras & choirs, a professional keyboard & piano player, vocal & Instrumental arranger, orchestrator, and musical producer for stage and recording projects, Eitan Sobol is a widely-respected musician. Eitan also wrote the JVocals arrangement for Yerushalayim Shel Zahav.

Ralph Levitan

Audio Mix & Mastering

Sound editor and a senior recording producer

45 years of experience in sound engineering.

Ralph was born in Copenhagen. He started his musical career as a young Chief Cantor in the Copenhagen Great Synagogue in 1971, whilst composing hit songs for the local music scene. Since his immigration to Israel in 1985, Levitan continues his musical career as a trusted composer, vocal coach, chazzan and recording producer - all in a broad range of musical styles. Ralph also mixed and mastered the arrangement for the Yerushalayim Shel Zahav project. 

From his portfolio:




Yuval Erez

Video Mix

Photographer and a film editor

A cinematographer and TV+Film editor for more than a decade. Founded BE Productions, which specializes in making films for companies, organizations and institutions. Began as an editor already in the Israeli Air Force's film unit and since then, he has created and even directed a wide and diverse variety series of feature films and documentaries, feature series, docu-series and other major television channel projects. Among his projects, are few National Geographic series and many other documentaries that aired on Israeli Channel 8 and attended festivals In Israel and around the world. The documentary "Orange" he edited, received the Ministry of Culture award for 2017. Yuval conducted commercials for major brands such as: Hot, Doritos, Tara, Cellcom and more. He is also a lecturer in the Film Department at the Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv. Yuval also edited the Yerushalayim Shel Zahav video.



Contact Us

Drop us a line and tell us what your needs are



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